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Coin Auction

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Morgan & Peace Dollars; 78 Silver Eagle Proofs;
Walking Liberty halves; Mercury Dimes;
Silver Commemorative Coins;
100+ Mint & Proof Sets; 1871-S Half Dime.

4-H Building, 710 West Woodside, McPherson, KS

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Morgan & Peace Dollars; 78 Silver Eagle Proofs; Walking Liberty halves; Mercury Dimes; Silver Commemorative Coins; 100+ Mint & Proof Sets; 1871-S Half Dime. View complete listing here.

F1 1888-O Morgan
F2 1889 Morgan
F3 1891 Morgan
F4 1887-S Morgan
F5547Wheat Pennies
F6 1993 Mint Prestige Set
F7220Roosevelt Dimes
F825Sacagawea Dollars
F9 McPherson Medals
F10 BiCentennial Methodist Medallion
F118Commerative Half-dollar proof
F1221987 Silver Eagle proof
F1341988 Silver Eagle proof
F1431989 Silver Eagle proof
F1551990 Silver Eagle proof
F1641991 Silver Eagle proof
F1711992 Silver Eagle proof
F1821993 Silver Eagle proof
F1931995 Silver Eagle proof
F20 Fire Fighters' Silver proof
F2121996 Nat. Community Service Dollar .90
F2221997 Botanic Garden Dollar .90
F2321997 Nat. Law Enforcement Dollar .90
F2432001 Capital Vistor Center Dollar .90
F2532004 Lewis & Clark Dollar .90
F2622003 1st Flight Dollar .90
F2722002 US Military Academy Bicen. Dollar .90
F2821991 Mt. Rushmore Annv. Dollar .90
F2922000 Library of Congress Dollar .90
F3031994 US Capitol Bicent. Dollar .90
F3121989 US Congressional Dollar .90
F3221992 White House 200th Anv. Dollar .90
F3321991 USO Dollar .90
F3421999 Yellowstone Park Dollar .90
F3541988(3) & 1992(1) Olympic Dollars .90
F3621993 250th Annv.Thomas Jefferson Dollar .90
F37 1995 Civil War Battlefied Comm. Set 6 coins
F38 1992 US Olympic Coins Prestige set
F39 1995 US Atlantic Olympic Coin set/4
F4041962 PC Mint Set
F4131964 PC Mint Set
F4221961 PC Mint Set
F4341972 Mint Set
F4421973 Mint Set
F4541958(2),1959,1960 Mint Set
F46 2007 Denver & Philadelphia US Mint Coin Set
F47 2010 Denver & Philadelphis US Mint Coin Set
F4841994 Mint Set
F4921996 Mint Set
F5071988 Mint Set
F5151987 Mint Set
F5251990 Mint Set
F5351987 Mint Set
F5441986 Mint Set
F5541987 Mint Set
F5651990 Mint Set
F5741993 Mint Set
F5831993 Mint Set - Denver
F5991992 Mint Set
F6081995 Mint Set
F6151996 Mint Set
F6271997 Mint Set
F63111998 Mint Set
F6431999 Mint Set
F65 Book - 30 pcs. Walking Liberty halves
F66 Book - 29 pcs. Walking Liberty halves
F67 Book - 57 Roosevlet dimes
F6858Liberty dimes assorted book
F69 Book - 77 Mercury dimes - MIXED
F70 Book - 72 Mercury dimes
F71 Book - 35 Washington quarters
F72 Book - 35 Washington quarters
F73 Book - 15 Standing Liberty quarters
F74 Book - 27 Franklin halves
F75 Book - 32 Buffalo nickels
F76 Book - 18 Walking Liberty halves
F77 Book - 54 Roosevelt dimes
F7832Washington quarters
F7926Steel pennies
F8015Silver half dollar
F81 Sunshine Mining silver dollar .999
F8226Worn Barber dimes
F83 1905 Indian head cent
F8410Partial books -Lincoln head cent
F85 Book -16 Barber nickels
F86 Book - 65 Jefferson nickels
F87 1977 Postal comm. Jimmy Carter coin
F88 1993 250th Annv. Thomas Jefferson coins/currency
F89 1976 Bicentennal proof set
F906Bicentennial coins
F91 USA/UK Silver coins
F92 US Capital Silver dollar
F933Presidental dollars
F9421964 & 1966 coin mint set
F9510America First medals
F964American Revolution medals
F97 1987 US Prestige set
F98 1990 US Prestige set
F99 1993 US Mint Premier Silver Proof Set
F100 1996 US Mint Premier Silver Proof Set
F10131998 Black Revolutionary War Patriots .90
F10251966 Special Mint Sets
F1033Statue of Liberty Bi-cent. Medals
F104 1976 Bi-cent. Decl. of Indepence
F105 1974 Bi-cent. 1st Continental Congress
F106 1973 Bi-cent. Silver Medal
F10722008 Bald Eagle Silver dollar .90
F10822007 Little Rock Central High School Silver Dollar
F109 1986 100th BD St of Liberty Silver Dollar
F11021986 100th BD St of Liberty half Dollar
F111 1986 US Liberty Coin set
F112 1986 Prestige Set
F11331989 Triumph of Democracy half dollar
F11442008 Bald Eagle half dollar
F11521999 Susan B. Anthony proof dollar
F116 1995 50th Annv. WWII half dollar
F11721992 Wht.House 200th Annv. Silver dollars .90
F11841994 US Veterans 3- silver dollars .90
F119 Dolley Madison silver dollar .90
F1202Jackie Robinson silver dollar .90
F121 2005 Chf Justice John Marshall silver dollar .90
F122 Robert F. Kennedy siliver dollar .90
F1232Thomas Alva Edison silver dollar .90
F1242USO silver dollar .90
F12531997 Botanic Garden proof silver dollar .90
F12651990 Eisenhower proof silver dollar .90
F12751991 Korean War silver dollar .90
F12851991 Korean War proof silver dollar .90
F12921993 T.Jefferson 250th Annv. Silver dollar .90
F130 2000 Lief Ericson 2-silver coins .90
F131 1995 WWII 50th Annv. Silver dollar .90
F132 1995 Special Olympics silver dolllar .90
F133 1986 Liberty Silver dollar.90
F134 Rbt. F. Kennedy silver dollar & silver half
F13551990 Eisenhower proof silver dollar .90
F13641994 American Silver Eagle Proof
F13731996 American Silver Eagle Proof
F13851997 American Silver Eagle Proof
F13951998 American Silver Eagle Prooof
F14041999 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14142000 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14222001 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14322002 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14452003 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14542004 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14622005 American Siver Eagle Proof
F14732006 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14862007 American Silver Eagle Proof
F14912010 American Silver Eagle Proof
F15012011 American Silver Eagle Proof
F15112012 American Silver Eagle Proof
F152 1994 US Mint Premier Silver Proof Set
F153 1997 US Mint Premier Silver Proof Set
F154 1998 US Mint Premeir Silver Proof Set
F15561971-74 Eisehower Proof dollars
F15651965 Mint Set
F15751971-74 Eisenhower proof dollars
F15851975-80 Mint Sets
F15951973-75 US Proof Set
F16041976-79 US Proof Set
F16171980-82 US Proof Set
F16241984 US Proof Set
F163 Belt Buckles
F16441985 US Proof Set
F16531986 US Proof Set
F16661987 US Proof Set
F16771988 US Proof Set
F168101989 US Proof Set
F169101990 US Proof Set
F17041991 US Proof Set
F17141992 US Proof Set
F17251992 US Silver Proof Set
F17311993 US Silver Proof Set
F17441993 US Proof Set
F17541994 US Proof Set
F17651994 US Silver Proof Set
F17731995 US Proof Set
F17821995 US Silver Proof Set
F17971996 US Proof Set
F18021996 US Silver Proof Set
F18121997 US Proof Set
F18221997 US Silver Proof Set
F183111998 US Proof Set
F18451998 US Silver Proof Set
F18541983 US Proof Set
F18621999 US Silver Proof Set
F18741999-2000 US Proof Set
F18822002 US Proof Set
F18932001-2003 US Silver Proof Set
F19052003 US Proof Set
F19122004 US Proof Set
F19212004 US Silver Proof Set
F19332005 US Proof Set
F19422006 US Proof Set
F19512006 US Silver Proof Set
F19612007 US Proof Set
F19712007 US Silver Proof Set
F19812008 US Silver Proof Set
F19922008 US Proof Set
F20012009 US Proof Set
F20112010 US Silver Proof Set
F20231999 Unc. Coin set
F20371999-2003 State Quarter Proof Set
F20482004 State Quarter Proof Set
F20552005-06 State Quarter Proof Set
F20652006-07 State Quarter Proof Set
F207 New Jersey, Delaware, Penn. State Quarters
F20851984 Unc. Coin set
F20941981 Unc. Coin set
F21051985 Unc. Coin Set
F21151989 Unc. Coin Set
F21241991 Unc. Coin Set
F21342000 Unc. Coin Set - P
F21452000 Unc. Coin Set -D
F21532001 Unc. Coin Set - P
F21662001 Unc. Coin Set - D
F21722002 Unc. Coin Set - P
F21842002 Unc. Coin Set - D
F21952003 Unc. Coin Set - P
F22012004 Unc. Coin Set - P
F221 2008 Presidential Proof Set (4 coins)
F222 Persian Gulf War medal
F22380State quarters
A1 1878-S Morgan
A2 1893-S Morgan
A3 1894-O Morgan
A4 1896-S Morgan
A5 1987-S Morgan
A6 1898-S Morgan
A7 1899-S Morgan
A8 1900-S Morgan
A9 1901-S Morgan
A10 1995 Silver Eagle
A11 2004 Silver Eagle
A1221925 & 1928 Standing Liberty Quarter
A13 1935-S Walking Liberty half
A14 1941-P Walking Liberty half
A15 1941-D Walking Liberty half
A16 1942-S Walking Liberty half
A17 1942-D Walking Liberty half
A18 1943-P Walking Liberty half
A19 1944-P Walking Liberrty half
A20 1945-P Walking Liberty half
A21 1871-S Half dime
A2241918, 19, 20, 28-D Lincoln cents
A23 1943-D Steel cent
A248Kennedy halves
A2521901 & 1904 Barber half dollars
A26 1898 Barber dime
A27 1902 Barber dime
A28 1903 Barber dime
A29 1907 Barber dime
A30 1912 Barber dime
A3121913 Barber dime
A32 1914 Barber dime
A3321916 Barber dime
A3421917 & 1919 Mercury dime
A35 1957 One dollar silver certificate
A36 1953 Two dollar red seal
A37 1934 Five dollar green seal
A38 George Washington comm. Coin
A39 Abe Lincoln comm. Coin
A40 John Kennedy comm. Coin
A412Eisenhower comm.Coin
A42 US Mint brass token
A43 McCormick token
A44 Heads or Tails token
A45 1907 Indian Cent
A46 1882-O Morgan
A4721889-O Morgan
A48 1880-S Morgan
A49 1896-O Morgan
A5021886-O Morgan
A51 1897-O Morgan
A5221884 Morgan
A53 1891-O Morgan
A54 1880 Morgan
A55 1887 Morgan
A56 1887-O Morgan
A57 1900-O Morgan
A5831922-D Peace Dollar
A5931923-D Peace Dollar
A6021924 Peace Dollar
A61 1925-S Peace Dollar

Auction Conducted by
Oswalt Auction & Realty
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